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Golden Girl

This limited edition poster of
Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas, taken just days after capturing 2 Olympic gold medals,
is available for a limited time only.

Appearing in the October 2012 issue
of Vanity Fair as a double page spread,
photographed by Jonas Fredwall Karlsson at Big Sky Studios, London, this is the
perfect gift for the aspiring young
woman in your life.

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About Photographer Jonas Fredwall Karlsson.

His journey as a photographer began at the young age of eight with his father’s Rolleiflex camera..
Jonas began his working as a press photographer for several of the most influential newspapers in
Sweden, and became the youngest winner ever of the Swedish Press photographer‘s annual
award "Photographer of the Year". Jonas developed an incredible talent for story telling in his
images and his relationship with Vanity Fair magazine has enabled him to photograph the worlds’
most prominent cultural figures.