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Vogue - April 1942

By: Toni Frissell Item #: 8484313 8484313
Vogue - April 1942 Regular Photographic Print
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  by Toni Frissell   Item #: 8484313
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Published April 15, 1942

The Chubby Circus Band marching by a circus sign, in a theme on the circus.
(American) One of Vogue's first female photographers, Toni Frissell is considered among the magazine's most pioneering artists. Where earlier photographers relied upon controlled studio settings and static poses, Frissell placed her subjects en milieu and in motion. By the end of the 1930s the action photography she made famous became a leitmotif of fashion photography generally. Also noted for her imaginative camera angles she would go to great lengths, often at the risk of personal injury, to get her shot. While pregnant she was discovered by Mr. Nast lying on the floor. She recalls: "I saw next to me a beautifully creased pair of pants and perfectly polished shoes. I looked up and there was Condé Nast himself looking down at me. He said 'What are you doing down there?' I answered 'Well, I'm interested in the way it looks from down here.'" Her adventuresome spirit took her all over the globe. During World War II she was commissioned by the Women's Army Corps to photograph the movements of the Red Cross. Her subsequent photographs are some of the most harrowing of the war and detail it's very real human cost.
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